How to Smile Perfectly for Photos Every Time

July 10, 2015

It’s summertime in the Okanagan, which pretty much means that it’s prime selfie season in Kelowna! Have you ever noticed that some people always look great in photos, with an awesome smile? Do you want to be one of those people? Whether you’re going on vacation or soaking up the sun and the views here in the city, you are bound to find yourself in a photo or two, so we want to help you look your best and find your picture perfect smile.

Try some of the tips below and experiment with different combinations to find a smile that makes you feel confident and look your best.

Step 1: Think Happy Thoughts

The key to a great smile in a photograph is to think of happy or funny thoughts. Have you ever looked at a photo and you just knew that the smile was fake, despite the toothy grin? That’s because it’s all in the eyes. A genuine smile causes the corners of your eyes to wrinkle, so think of something funny and let those wrinkles to happen.

Step 2: The Model Secret

There is a secret that is well-known amongst models and fashion bloggers everywhere; a way to slightly elongate your face and create a flattering angle for your jawline. Basically, you rest your tongue at the back of your teeth, causing your jaw to relax and open just slightly. Chances are your teeth part when you laugh and your mouth opens. This trick is a great way of duplicating the motions of the laugh for you.

Step 3: Shake It Off

Whether your friend has trouble taking a photo or you just can’t seem to get everyone looking great at the same time, sometimes it can feel like that one shot is taking forever. This can cause your smile to “wilt” like a flower in the heat and by the time everyone else is happy with the photo, you look like you’re in pain. Between shots, take a moment to relax your face and shake your head so that you can look happy and alert in every take.

Step 4: Take It Easy With The Teeth

For some people, the teeth all come out when the camera does. But, for the most part, this isn’t a genuine smile and you shouldn’t feel the need to flash ALL of your pearly whites. Relax, act natural and practice smiling at different “widths” until you find one that looks natural and makes you feel comfortable.

Step 5: The Toothless Smile

Whether you are self-conscious about your teeth or just don’t like the way you look when you smile, you may be among those who opt for the closed-mouth smile. Victoria Beckham is a notorious closed-mouth smiler, refusing to flash her pearly whites in public. That’s perfectly ok, but you keep Step 1 in mind and remember that Step 2 can work for a closed-mouth smile too. You will also want to avoid the extra-wide, thin line smile as it rarely looks natural.

Step 6: Take Care Of Your Teeth

Sure, as Kelowna dentists we are a bit biased, but it’s true that you need to take care of your teeth for your best smile. That means brushing, flossing, and regular checkups to avoid potential problems. If your smile looks a little dull, you can always look into teeth whitening products. Lastly, if you feel self-conscious about your teeth or smile, you should know that there are a ton of amazing options these days for getting a great smile, including veneers and dental implants. We know what you’re thinking and dental procedures have come so far in recent years that there is typically no pain involved either.

If you’re interested in learning more about our the dental procedures we offer at our Kelowna dental clinic, you can give us a call at 250-765-4454.

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