How to Pull Your Child's Loose Tooth

March 17, 2015

Thanks to the internet, we know about all kinds of crazy ways to help pull a child’s loose tooth. But for many kids, losing a tooth can be a scary experience and you may cause them unnecessary pain if you aren’t careful. So when is it time to pull a loose tooth, how do you do it, and what can you do to help your child through the experience?

Most children will begin to lose their baby teeth when they are about 6 years old and then 3-4 teeth will fall out each year. In total, your child should lose all 20 baby teeth by the time they are 12.

When Should I Pull My Child’s Loose Tooth?

You should try to let the tooth come out on its own. Your child will likely want to wiggle the tooth as it becomes loose, and that’s fine. Encourage them to wash their hands diligently and frequently to avoid bringing harmful bacteria into the mouth. As your child wiggles their own tooth, it will continue to detach from the nearby tissues and should come out with minimal pain and bleeding.

Removing your child’s tooth before it is ready to come out can cause unnecessary pain and bleeding. You may not know where your child’s pain threshold is or whether or not there is resistance from the surrounding gums. Pulling a tooth too early can also lead to infection.

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