5 Amazing Facts About CEREC Crowns from a Kelowna Dentist

October 29, 2015

Chances are that if you need some dental work, you’ve heard about CEREC same day crowns. Our Kelowna dental clinic and Dr. Mark Honce were early adopters of this dental technology in 2003, and it shortly became an indispensable part of how we approach the care for our patients. Here are five things that you may not know about this modern dental treatment.

1. Precision - To The Thousandth Of A Millimetre

When proper technique is used in the construction and design of your crown, the fit of your CEREC Same Day Crowns is incredibly precise. In fact, the accuracy and fit are within microns - that’s one thousandth of a millimetre and exceeds what used to be considered the “gold standard” tolerances in dental restoration.

Dental crowns can make a dramatic difference in the appearance and health of your smile. For this cosmetic smile makeover, we installed eight upper porcelain crowns and veneers were used to create balance and strong esthetics to the upper arch and smile zone.

2. They Don’t Have To Be More Expensive

Listen, we get it, you have busy lives and keeping the number of visits for dental treatment to a minimum is a premium service in its own right. CEREC does just that for you. Permanent porcelain restorations that are completed efficiently the same day means that you don’t have to worry about the inconvenience of temporary crowns coming off at 10pm on a Friday evening, or having to have a second round of freezing to insert a crown that was prepared two weeks previously.

CEREC means efficient. CEREC means convenient. BUT it doesn't have to mean more expensive… We don't charge more for Cerec crowns, period. We just love the technology, are excited to offer it for our patients and hope that you find the value in what we provide.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

Ever wondered why the medical field uses the term “practice”? It’s because every day we are practicing, repeating procedures, learning new ones and doing our best to do our best for our patients. Dr. Mark Honce has successfully restored literally thousands of teeth over the past 12 years utilizing CEREC technology and he continues to be at the forefront in integrating this technology for the benefit of his patients.

4. CEREC Isn’t Quite As New As You Think

In the history of dentistry, CEREC is absolutely a newer technology and it often feels like it was just invented yesterday. While it has taken some of the dental community a little while to embrace CEREC, it was actually established 30 years ago in 1985. So, while you can take advantage of this “new” technology, you can trust that it has been rooted in a well-established, reliable, and constantly-improving technology that is here to stay.

5. It’s Kind Of Like 3D Printing - In Reverse

CEREC crowns are developed from a solid piece of medical-grade ceramic, composite, silicate core, or a combination of those materials. A small, high definition camera captures precise imaging of the prepared teeth in the mouth and is loaded into software that calculates and designs the restorations. Next, this information is sent to a milling machine that precisely carves the restoration in just 5-10 minutes. This means that, from beginning to end, your appointment with us is only a an hour to an hour-and-a-half long to complete.

At Honce Dental Centre in Kelowna, we want our patients to feel as comfortable and confident as possible. No matter what treatment you are receiving, CEREC crowns to tissue grafts, you can rest easy knowing that our highly skilled and experienced team will take care of you and answer any questions you may have along the way.

To learn more about CEREC same day dental crowns or to schedule an appointment with our Kelowna dentists, please call us at 250-765-4454.

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