Dental implant therapy is probably the single greatest advancement thats happened for patients in the past 100 years in dentistry.   From the replacement of individual missing teeth, to allowing the support and retention of complete bridges and entire dentures, the use of dental implants to restore function, aesthetics, and quality of life has been a game changer in our profession.  Dental implants are now considered the “standard of care” for many of dentistry’s treatment options.  It’s backed by the largest body of scientific research of any area in our profession and the advancements in its materials and structural design has allowed success rates in the area of 98% for individual implant longevity.


In 2005, Dr. Mark Honce received his training in the diagnosis and placement of dental implants from the highly regarded Misch International Implant Institute and subsequently earned his Fellowship status in the International Congress of Oral Implantology.





Implant Options

  • Replacement of single teeth
  • Implant retained bridge can replace multiple missing teeth 
  • Implant retained dentures are by far the most comfortable option for replacing an entire arch. The stability implant supported dentures prevent tender gums from getting sore... they also help to prevent any further bone loss that occurs in the jaw when teeth aren’t present.





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