Connective tissue protects teeth and the bone they are inserted into from disappearing!  We as dentists and dental hygienists are always looking for areas of gum around teeth that are deficient in the proper amount and type of connective tissue that is needed.  Usually these areas show up as recession, where the gums are “falling off” the roots of the teeth exposing sensitive roots.  When teeth are supported by healthy connective tissue, recession and bone loss is very unlikely to occur in a healthy mouth.

Tissue grafting does not always require harvesting tissue from the roof of your mouth, but now can be substituted with allograft based connective tissues in many circumstances.  Other times your own tissue is the best option to guarantee a successful outcome.  Nevertheless, both options of gum grafting protects the teeth against recession and decreases sensitivity to the teeth by covering the roots, and depending on the case can restore an attractive, healthy smile.

Dr. Mark Honce is one of the very first dentists to bring Alloderm based tissue grafting to the interior, using this specialized form of tissue grafting as his main option for patients since 2005 (following being trained by one of the top pioneering periodontists in the US, Dr. Pat Allan). He has over 15 years experience placing successful alloderm tissue grafts.  

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